Fireball Planetarium is an independently owned, locally operated portable planetarium theater. Fireball Planetarium's inflatable planetarium is 4 metres in diameter. That is large enough to comfortably fit 25 students plus supervising teacher and planetarium operator. To book our service, you will need to have a large room or hall for the planetarium to be set up in. The minimum dimension space required is 7 metres by 8 metres by 3 metres high.

Clients are always curious about what keeps the planetarium dome 'up'. There is a constantly running fan which keeps the dome inflated and circulates fresh air inside it. The side panels of the doorway are fixed to the entrance floor with Velcro, and can be widened to admit wheelchair users.

The dome is constructed of flame retardant material meeting fire safety requirements. If the power goes off, then the dome deflates very slowly.  In the event of the electricity going off, the planetarium specialist will turn a flashlight on and show the students how to exit easily by lifting the wall up.

Our planetarium uses a spherical mirror system.