Grade 12

DARK is a fulldome movie that explains and explores the nature of Dark Matter, the missing 80% of the mass of the Universe.The search for Dark Matter is the most pressing astrophysical problem of our time – the solution to which will help us understand why the Universe is as it is, where it came from, and how it has evolved over billions of years – the unimaginable depths of deep time, of which a human life is but a flickering instant We journey through completely immersive visualisations of Dark Matter evolution calculated upon some of the world’s fastest supercomputers – cosmological visions on a truly vast scale, in which galaxies themselves are but points of light, distributed across far larger intergalactic structures of Dark Matter.

Waiting Far Away

 “An explorer of the cosmos has traveled too far… And can’t find home.”

In the creative process of producing planetarium shows, we often come across imagery that is stunning but doesn’t work inthe context of a science show. And so our collection of fulldome astronomy art animations has matured into a hybrid form of storytelling where we mix imagination with real data.

Back To the Moon for Good 

Grades 6-12                  

Book it for your next meeting or your students. Show the relationships between Science and Technology by giving examples of improvements to tools and techniques of  scientific investigation that will lead to a new and cheaper way to reach the moon by following  groups from all over the world try to win the Google Xprize.

Cosmic Castaways

Grades 9-12

There are places where the night sky has no constellations. No Orion, no Big Dipper, nothing but a few lonely, far away stars and a few faint, ghostly patches of light. Most stars lie within the crowded boundaries of galaxies, travelling with their brothers and sisters in a vast galactic family. But some find themselves on their own, deep within voids between the galaxies. These are the cosmic castaways


Grades 6-12

WE CHOOSE SPACE! is a  planetarium show for audiences of all ages who dream of space and wonder about human spaceflight after Shuttle. It's a show filled with real adventures for the near frontier. Positive, possible, and exciting -- this is a promise we can make to our children, our future astronauts. Astronauts Scott Parazinsky, Tom Jones and Gene Cernan, and veteran space reporter Walter Cronkite are your tour guides on this adventure to the completed International Space Station and to the past and future moon. Include fulldome imagery using OUR fisheye lens on the ISS

Losing the Dark

Grades 6-12

 It introduces and illustrates some of the issues regarding light pollution, and suggests three simple actions people can take to help mitigate it. The show gives planetarium professionals a tool to help educate the public about the problems of light pollution. Planetarians are uniquely positioned to teach audiences ways we can all work together to implement responsible use of lighting. Losing the Dark is a "public service announcement" planetarium show, a collaboration of Loch Ness Productions and the International Dark-Sky Association.

Our planetarium programs include comprehensive astronomy education for grades K-12 aligned with Newfoundland&Labrador Science Standards. Feel free to contact us with your questions and special requests as they relate to your science curricula needs.



Our planetarium shows consist of three parts:  the current night sky, interactive and a fulldome film. 

As the lights go down, we show you how to navigate the current night sky. Learn how to identify constellations, asterisms, planets, and more!

Follow the educational curriculum for the class level.

Next, sit back and enjoy a fulldome film related to your class acyivities.!

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