Garry Dymond BES 


Garry’s love of the stars started in 1961 but it wasn’t until1969 when he entered the College of Fisheries Planetarium that he knew he was hooked. It was that fifteen minutes under the dome that has sent him on a forty year adventure of discovering the heavens - and it has only just begun. Garry’s been a member of the St. John’s Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for over 40 years. In 1994 he was awarded the RASC National Service Award for his many years of service in educating the public about astronomy. He has served on the Meteorite and Impact Advisory Committee of the Canadian Space Agency which is a volunteer group of geologists and astronomers dedicated to the research and reporting of meteorite impact in Canada. Since 1996, he runs the public astronomy shows for the Marine Institute Planetarium and now own and operates Fireball Planetarium , a mobile planetarium . When not spending time with his family, you may find Garry in his backyard observatory endeavoring to still find undiscovered stars and planets.